SWEET REVENGE starring Phillip Pitta (Jim Hanover) and Nicholas M. Garofolo (Luke Briar) is directed by Ron Millkie known for his memorable role as Officer Dorf in the original horror classic Friday the 13th. This thriller is filmed in the style of classic horror films. Jim witnesses a crime committed by Luke. After a prison stay Luke looks for revenge.

And Then There Were None

During the lockdown, Alice lives in a house full of roommates until their relationship starts to crumble.

Burn In Heaven

Alice’s envy for her best friend leads to an off-limits situation.

The End Is Nigh

A guy escaping someone finds himself locked in a house where he has to face 2 zombies. How far can you push a man before his instincts kick in? How much of a man is he after that?

Weekend at Bernie’s 3

A comedy/horror short film about a house, a cleaner, and some very dead renters.

The Door

Tamil Horror Thriller Shortfilm.
This Short Film made in a single Room

Friend Request- Cyber Bullying

Rahul Komi begins to talk with his school friend on facebook


Tale of a mysterious being and 6 fellows.

justice_ A matter of perception

A short film that shows the perceptions of people during and after criminal cases where the ideologies and beliefs depend on the situations, one falls into.

10 Days to Futura’s “Creation”

A fantastic film directed by Omar Hassan explores how by living one’s life, one is writing their story everyday, page by page we move on through our own chapters within the divinity of our own life.

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