short film

Pain: Stories of fibromyalgia

The first episode of a fibromyalgia documentary.

Lost – Short Film

A girl wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know where she is.


Jefri and Ariel are roommates who live a life immersed in worldly pleasures, consumerism and an excessive connection to the network that makes them increasingly disconnected.



RRA bunch of cowboys going round being badass


One day A man tries to smoke A Cigarette but throw it back after seeing his own future version. 

One Shot Swachha Bharat by Akram Ishtiyaq

A writer recieves A call for A short film Idea about How to create awareness for cleanliness. 

The Crazy Ajay

Short film Ajay performed major role



The hatching of a dark, fantastical dream

Brown Note

Hey you! Ever wanted to know more about the sound that makes you poo? Join us as we get to the bottom of this anomaly…

The Tireless Troubles of Two Twins

Independent Filmmaker, Dorian, interviews his significantly more successful brother, Darey, about his art career.

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