science fiction.

Real or Not

This is a sciencefiction shortfilm on blurring between dream and realstate or
LUCID DREAMING. Its about a girl who wakes up to get in a dilemma whether she is in a dream world or a real world because the room she wakes up is not her room but still the things happening are similar to her old thoughts in awake state. Soon she remembers that she had once wished to hide under the bed so actually her imaginations are turning true

“Past, Present, Future”

Eric Alzen is a middle aged man that’s employed part-time as a Stock Associate at the 99 Cent Store. He spends his entire shift alone in the back warehouse stocking shelves and conducting inventory, rarely interacting with people. After three years in this fruitless and menial position, Eric hasn’t been offered any promotions from his superiors and his hope for advancement in a stale economy is fading fast. Becoming more aware of his biological clock as time passes, the hard-working Eric with good intentions spontaneously decides that a life of crime is the only way to a better life. Tired of his low-income career, Eric robs a bank and receives a prison sentence for twenty-six-years. Early in his sentence, Eric knows that he isn’t built for prison life and struggles to accept responsibility for his actions that put him there. Eric plans an escape for several months and executes it to perfection. However, a wanted man isn’t really a free man. Eric is constantly on the run, looking over his shoulder, paranoid and afraid of returning to prison forever. Eric changes his identity and alters his appearance to avoid being captured by authorities. He reaches out to several ex-convicts and former inmates about work and resources. Since convicted felons are like their own community, they look out for Eric and provide him with useful information. Eric receives a tip from a corrupt Parole Officer about a scientist in Ohio that sells ‘Time Capsules’ on the black market. These capsules are a scientific breakthrough that can transport anyone that uses them through time. Although Eric is free, he’s still broke and just one capsule by itself has a high price tag. To get the money for the capsules that are quickly becoming an item in high demand, he does small odd jobs (legal and illegal) whenever he can. After over a year of working and saving his earnings, Eric takes a risky trip across the country to meet the scientist and purchase a capsule. With the authorities on his trail, Eric returns west and takes the capsule under much anxiety. Arriving a few years in the past, Eric can’t believe his current physical state in this particular chronology is real. Now Eric has another chance at life, but tragedy doesn’t hesitate to find him in this present alternate timeline.

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