New Short Film

Don’t Dive Deep

When Ahmed dives deep in the world of gaming and internet , he begins to see strange things around him which drives him crazy.

Mary And The Angel

Mary tries to conceive a child by following the instructions of the bible.

The Crazy Ajay

Short film Ajay performed major role


A short horror film about the dangers of a resentful mind following a horrific night at an artist mixer and the desire for revenge.

Have we become passive voyeurs of the violence of the world?
Are we able to empathize as if the circumstances were reversed?
How are we poisoned by the context of our own perception?


Azaad is a 2018 silent short film with the message ” Do what you like ” . It is based on Rohan who has taken engineering and now is suffering from a mental disorder and is hungry to follow his passion. Written and Directed by Rithish, this film is banked by RKD productions. It includes Art Direction and Assistant Direction by Akash Yenare. Cinematography is done by Umair.C.

Disclaimer– All characters discussed In this movie are fictitious
Resemblance to any person Dead or Alive is purely coincidental.
*Use of Alcohol is strictly prohibited*
I do not take any responsibility of the music used in the film.
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