Under The Chimpfluence

A vlogging monkey takes you on a trip to the human zoo.

A Very Happy Birthday.

The story of a man who had a blast of a birthday.

A good satirical comedy!

The director does a great job and the starring actor is amusing to say the least. They make crime look classy and it is not cheesy what so ever.


A happy, code-typing worker android falls in love with his human female supervisor. Just one problem: every time he sees her, his heart literally explodes.

Daddy Condom

Synopsis: An African boy leaves his house on a sunny afternoon, on the way he meets a friend who on the course of their discussion he discovers he forgot his wallet at home. this sets him into panic as he rushed back home to get the wallet before his dad sees the wallet and the unseeable contents of the wallet.

Auf Abwegen

Renaissance nobleman loses his Rapier and accidentally travels to the future.

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