A priest practices torture and sexual abuse behind church doors.

In The Flesh

A short film consisted of 3 stories around characters that never had the chance to fit in.
I. Angel: A prostitute comes across a dangerous client.
II. Monster in the Woods: A newborn is left alone in the forest after the suicide of his mother.
III. Harry’s Circumcision: A story based on Lou Reed’s song about a failed suicide attempt.

Mommy Loves You

Mary tries to save her newborn baby, who has been kidnapped by a predator.

Straight Outta Vagina

Three stories about the violent consequences of patriarchy (Newborn, Caged, Mommy Loves You)

Hansel and Gretel Claymation

After the death of their mother, Hansel and Gretel find themselves lost in the woods.

The Beast

Bathsheba starts to develop an attraction for the beast that attacked and killed her best friend. A short film about the trauma of childhood abuse and how it affects future behaviors and relationships.

Abraham: The Persistence of Memory

After the death of his boyfriend, Abraham relives the abuse he endured as a child.

You Think You’re A Man

A cop abuses citizens and his family until they decide to react. A short film about toxic masculinity and the vicious circle of violence.


Mary starts to develop a phobia over sexually transmitted diseases.


A boy tries to break free from a toxic environment.

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