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Never Alone

Never Alone, a short movie describing the internal struggles that every Orphan or just a lonely human being can afford. including memories, some are good others are not. losing a close person is just like losing control of a car brakes, moving from a comfort area to an unknown future which We are always afraid to face, drives us to unwise decisions. but there is always a way to get away with it.



توفيق شاب مراهق يحلم بأن يصبح لديه مال ومنزل وسيارة .. تصله رسالة على الهاتف … لترى مستقبلك اتبع الرابط التالي … يذهب توفيق الى المكان يتفاجئ بظهور شاشات غريبة تتيحه له التحكم في مستقبله … ومن ثم تسحبه احد الشاشات ل تضعه في أحد مختبرات الجامعة وتظهر له الرسالة تعلم اقرأ ثم ” العلم كنز ال يفنى

Alone 2

The second part of the film Loneliness
In it, gloom drives the hero to suicide, but there is only hope you have to cling to life

Alone 1

The hero lives in a state of depression due to loneliness


Groupe Med Films

فلم قصير عن الصداقة


A young man suffers from seeing things that are not real, and his friends think that he is crazy. The film tells about people with schizophrenia

يا عابرة

ياانمتتنhttps://www.instagram.co7/?hl=fيا عابرةr

His & Hers Affair

Woman comes home and finds her husband cheating with a woman….. but there’s a twist…

Trailer – El. día que me perdí

puertas de un mundo que creía olvidado.¿Qué harías si el peor día de tu vida fue aún peor de lo que recuerdas? El día que me perdí narra el viaje de Xochil, una chica que se atreve a sumergirse en su pasado para encontrarse a sí misma, abriendo las puertas de un mundo que creía olvidado.



In an effort to support his family, a man takes a job as a live-in servant, only to enter a psychological maze.

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