For Sale

“This is a lovely little property sir, with huge amounts of promise, that just needs to be…whipped into shape”

Mandy is the third most successful realtor at Bottom Drawer estate agencies (though she was voted most likely to win a hotdog eating contest at the staff Christmas do). She is very excited to be exhibiting this new property on the market, all from the comfort of her basement. But her clients may be delving into a world far more nightmarish than they could have possibly imagined.

For Sale is the fifth short film by drag artist and queer filmmaker Mandy Sweats. It is a surreal, pitch-black horror-comedy about the fine line between image and reality, pride and vanity, and selling yourself and selling out.

This film was originally submitted to Luna’s Drag Macabre Season 1: Inner Demons. A huge thank you to Luna Lestrange and the whole LDM team for allowing me a platform to debut this performance.


A Private Eye is hired by a boxing promoter to track down his missing mistress. Soon however, ‘Roger’ begins to get more then he bargained for in the case and before long he’s wondering what side he’s on.

Copy / Paste

A man makes a copy of himself and forgets which one was the original

Teaser Angel One

Two recon pilots are tasked with escorting a cruiser called the Haven. There is a turn of events, and a twisted ending!

charger- a love story

A modern-age love story brings you smile and entertains you at times…


Three friends get together after a few years to talk about movies!

A Crimson Funeral (Trailer)

An upcoming neo-noir short film about a hitman that has made a deadly desition and now has to look over his shoulder. Staring Hitesh Sukhani and Nadine Wurzer in A Crimson Funeral.

Written and Directed By: Faizaan Raheel

Screenplay by: Faizaan Raheel and Nabil Elassi

Producer: Yana Kalashnikova and Nadia Choudry

Executive Producer: Yazan Al Ghazzawi

Director of Photography: Shahbano Jawad

Editor: Alexis De Champris

Music By: Jaime Saldanha

Parker – Hitesh Sukhani
Lewis – Dylan Dolan
Wyatt – Wael Youssef
Isabella – Nadine Wurzer

Assistant Director:
1st Assistant Director – Elizaveta Zhokhova
2nd Assistant Director – Shahbano Jawad
2nd-2nd Assistant Director – Mera Dada

Art Department: Mera Dada

Script Supervisor: Yasir Anjum

Audio: Animesh Kumar

Grip/Gaffer: Abhishek Mohandas

-Deep Blue
-Fade Away
-Canyon Clouds
-Contemporary Villain
-Neurones Firing

Composed By: Jaime Saldanha

Special Thanks:
-IL Forno
-Raheel Anjun
-Natalya Kalashnikova
-Arith Sudhakaran

15TH OF SUNDAYS (Official Trailer)

15 minutes can feel like an eternity, a month of Sundays or just pass-by in a flash. What would you do, if you have 15 minutes only? He sought refuge in a place where time and space could be constant. In a facility where his name became a number. But now, he escaped to no destinations. And his time is always running out as all the threads begin to converge.

Remember Me – Trailer

Releasing December 15, 2018, our short film “Remember Me” tracks the experiences of a single Union soldier from Berdan’s elite group of sharpshooters. Although the film is set during one of the Civil War’s iconic battles, the film takes a look at the much more isolated and personal battles our main character struggles with. It takes more than nerve and grit to survive the day…

Trespassers (Teaser Trailer)

A first look / teaser trailer for our short film ‘Trespassers.’

Ben and Lucy Collins are siblings who are travelling interstate to visit their parents. When their car breaks down on a desolate rural road, they are forced to seek help at a nearby farming estate. Cut off from the outside world, they soon make a terrible discovery…

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