Copy / Paste

A man makes a copy of himself and forgets which one was the original

Teaser Angel One

Two recon pilots are tasked with escorting a cruiser called the Haven. There is a turn of events, and a twisted ending!

charger- a love story

A modern-age love story brings you smile and entertains you at times…


Three friends get together after a few years to talk about movies!

A Crimson Funeral (Trailer)

An upcoming neo-noir short film about a hitman that has made a deadly desition and now has to look over his shoulder. Staring Hitesh Sukhani and Nadine Wurzer in A Crimson Funeral.

Written and Directed By: Faizaan Raheel

Screenplay by: Faizaan Raheel and Nabil Elassi

Producer: Yana Kalashnikova and Nadia Choudry

Executive Producer: Yazan Al Ghazzawi

Director of Photography: Shahbano Jawad

Editor: Alexis De Champris

Music By: Jaime Saldanha

Parker – Hitesh Sukhani
Lewis – Dylan Dolan
Wyatt – Wael Youssef
Isabella – Nadine Wurzer

Assistant Director:
1st Assistant Director – Elizaveta Zhokhova
2nd Assistant Director – Shahbano Jawad
2nd-2nd Assistant Director – Mera Dada

Art Department: Mera Dada

Script Supervisor: Yasir Anjum

Audio: Animesh Kumar

Grip/Gaffer: Abhishek Mohandas

-Deep Blue
-Fade Away
-Canyon Clouds
-Contemporary Villain
-Neurones Firing

Composed By: Jaime Saldanha

Special Thanks:
-IL Forno
-Raheel Anjun
-Natalya Kalashnikova
-Arith Sudhakaran

15TH OF SUNDAYS (Official Trailer)

15 minutes can feel like an eternity, a month of Sundays or just pass-by in a flash. What would you do, if you have 15 minutes only? He sought refuge in a place where time and space could be constant. In a facility where his name became a number. But now, he escaped to no destinations. And his time is always running out as all the threads begin to converge.

Remember Me – Trailer

Releasing December 15, 2018, our short film “Remember Me” tracks the experiences of a single Union soldier from Berdan’s elite group of sharpshooters. Although the film is set during one of the Civil War’s iconic battles, the film takes a look at the much more isolated and personal battles our main character struggles with. It takes more than nerve and grit to survive the day…

Trespassers (Teaser Trailer)

A first look / teaser trailer for our short film ‘Trespassers.’

Ben and Lucy Collins are siblings who are travelling interstate to visit their parents. When their car breaks down on a desolate rural road, they are forced to seek help at a nearby farming estate. Cut off from the outside world, they soon make a terrible discovery…


The battle begins when you have to either choose revenge to feel partially satisfied or forgive and come to terms with the subsequent suffering.

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