One day you have to leave your comfort place in order to know what’s surrounds you.


Around 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Bottling up your feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be a simple reason for you to enter it. Let all out. Don’t Bottle Up. Spread the word. #DontBottleUp. A movie based on true experiences.

Vampires, They Exist?!

Vampires reveal their existence to human beings. The media reacts. This film examines the reaction of two media outlets as well as the reaction of several college students, captured by a film student conducting man on the street interviews. Inspired by Peter Watkin’s ‘La Commune (Paris, 1871)’.


It’s 1938, a girl receives a letter at a farm but has decided not to open it. For ten years it has remained latched. But after a strange realization she discovers the letter to have been opened and thus her world starts to crumble.


Affixed is a short experimental film which explores how obsession traverses in the mind, submerging one in a repetitive rhythm . Xara is a personification of obsession who finds her muse in Ben and makes him obsessed with a particular tune of music. The film is divided into three chapters with each chapter exploring what obsession does in a person’s mind in stages. The elements which Xara interacts with is a metaphorical representation of various human emotions.


A young man finds himself trapped in a mysterious dreamworld, but eventually encounters a loving girl who he falls in love with. Their romantic existence, however, is soon shattered by a force reaching in from the outside…

The blue marble

A man walks into a room, seconds later the TV turned on , some of the world disasters are getting viewed in the TV .. After the content in the TV…


A failing writer finally receives the inspiration to write. But at what cost?

Auf Abwegen

Renaissance nobleman loses his Rapier and accidentally travels to the future.


An unemployed actor contends with his own inner critics while trapped in the void of his room during a depressive/obsessive withdrawal from the world.

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