Blind Sighted

this short story portrays how media and news quickly travel and invoke emotions on a large scale, panic in this case. 

Hansel and Gretel Claymation

After the death of their mother, Hansel and Gretel find themselves lost in the woods.

Tunupa (2021) – Minimalism Short Film

Tunupa is a short film without dialogue that follows two characters’ overlapping story lines from different centuries. It is filled with constants and symbolism dealing with cycles of cataclysm, the beauty of nature, and the everlasting human experience. (Original audio and video).

December TwentyTwenty

Some thoughts about the terrible year 2020 in retrospective.

The Year We Lost

The daily routine in the year 2020


One day you have to leave your comfort place in order to know what’s surrounds you.


Around 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Bottling up your feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be a simple reason for you to enter it. Let all out. Don’t Bottle Up. Spread the word. #DontBottleUp. A movie based on true experiences.

Vampires, They Exist?!

Vampires reveal their existence to human beings. The media reacts. This film examines the reaction of two media outlets as well as the reaction of several college students, captured by a film student conducting man on the street interviews. Inspired by Peter Watkin’s ‘La Commune (Paris, 1871)’.


Based on the novel “Brave New World”, We follow the use of the miracle “happy” drug: soma. A young girl describes her life without any sadness.


It’s 1938, a girl receives a letter at a farm but has decided not to open it. For ten years it has remained latched. But after a strange realization she discovers the letter to have been opened and thus her world starts to crumble.

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