Like Father, Like Son

A short film about children learning everything from their parents. It shows how children around their parents pick up all the habits, irrespective of good or bad.


This Short Film is Dedicated to all Bike Lovers.Watch Fully and Realise the Mistake at the End

The Tireless Troubles of Two Twins

Independent Filmmaker, Dorian, interviews his significantly more successful brother, Darey, about his art career.

The Creative Block

A young creative struggles to create a script for a short film. As he dreams of becoming a director someday, he finally creates the script. Based on a true story.


Desire to live with Self esteem and pride awakes in his heart. When thinking of a person starts changing that thought affected his society as well . Then, along with the man he seems to change the society.
In our film “Beggars” a boy has changed the attitude of his beggars society .He taught them and People of his age to live with dignity and pride.

Turn -Think then act

The Short Film Is about the wife not underling the Husband because he is not work at that moment, Drama unfolds after the wife pour water on the husband….

It’s a girl.

Three young women make the arduous journey from Long Beach to the Upper West Side to attend teen Rebekah’s baby shower. Thinking about Rebekah’s predicament, post graduation plans and family tensions. There’s a lot on their mind.

“Where You From?”

A young man takes a girl on a date and encounters a deadly situation.


With a high paying position at a major company that offers advancement and longevity, Trina Vessel struggles to enjoy such a great career due to some very damaging personal problems. Trina’s marriage has recently ended and her health is declining fast. To cope with her sickness and heartache, Trina frequently turns to a secret talent that she’s kept hidden for years: singing. On her spare time, Trina enjoys writing poetry and song lyrics. Music is more effective than her prescribed medication when it comes to silencing the voices in her head caused by schizophrenia. Prior to her marriage and subsequent divorce, Trina always thought of singing as just a hobby and never considered pursuing a career as a professional musician. All of that changes when she sees an advertisement posted on a music website that she visits often. Executives for a major record label are conducting a nationwide talent search and are holding local auditions for spots in a band. Trina decides to give it a try and goes out for an audition. She desperately desires that her new calling will cure her mental disorder and bring her happiness.

The Bezique Game

A short student film replicating the french painting “The Bezique Game”. A group of men in suits play the game of bezique.

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