Mary And The Angel

Mary tries to conceive a child by following the instructions of the bible.

Alice Unleashed

During the lockdown, Alice’s psychological downfall leads to the release of her fury at everyone standing in her way.

And Then There Were None

During the lockdown, Alice lives in a house full of roommates until their relationship starts to crumble.

Burn In Heaven

Alice’s envy for her best friend leads to an off-limits situation.

Virgin Mary Kills

A short film about the way religion restricts women and turns them against each other. Mary tries to overcome the abuse she endured by being violent to women and animals. Television is a distraction, and the system faces her as the one who bit the forbidden fruit. (Virgin Mary part II)

Abraham: The Persistence of Memory

After the death of his boyfriend, Abraham relives the abuse he endured as a child.

Panic Room: Return To Normality

“Panic Room III: Return To Normality” Created by Labros Kordolemis (2020)

Panic Room: A Day In Quarantine

A short film about the effects of lockdown in mental health.

Shadows of Poltergeist

A short experimental film shot with a laptop.

Man Around the House

“You can’t make sound all of the time. There’s always going to be a gap, inbetween the activities of the day. Even between the tick and the tock, there is a second of silence”

Mandy was just trying to have a lovely day. Making some banana bread, writing their CV, trying to decide whether they prefer Chromatica or Sawayama. But something won’t leave them alone. There is something outside, and it’s desperately trying to get in. And Mandy knows that they can’t keep it out forever…

Man Around the House is the second short film by drag and performance artist Mandy Sweats. It is a surreal and uncomfortable depiction of one day that desperately wants to be normal, inspired in equal parts by Franz Kafka, The Balcony by Jean Genet and classic home invasion horror films.

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