My Block Doc

“My Block Doc” is a short documentary about a small block in East Baltimore Maryland US”

The Mby’a Guarani people and the Forest-grown Yerba Mate

During the southern spring of 2018, we tried to register the project “Yerba mate – A market-driven model to conserve the Atlantic Forest”, developed in the San Rafael Reserve and its surrounding areas (Southeastern Paraguay).

In order to make the content accessible to people who do not speak Spanish, this is the version with English subtitles.
This video focuses on the Mby’a Guaraní people of the Arroyo Moroti community, their relationship with the forest, the threats to which it is exposed and the alternatives tending to conservation.
We want you to enjoy our work as much as we do doing it.

Pain: Stories of fibromyalgia

The first episode of a fibromyalgia documentary.

Youth migration in Romania

Ceausescu’s legacy, despairing future prospects or wealth abroad?
An inside into the decision facing young North-Eastern Romanians; to migrate or stay


A short documentary about the home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello

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