Jefri and Ariel are roommates who live a life immersed in worldly pleasures, consumerism and an excessive connection to the network that makes them increasingly disconnected.

Isaiah Nicks: Too Grown!

A mother has a teen son that h

Brown Note

Hey you! Ever wanted to know more about the sound that makes you poo? Join us as we get to the bottom of this anomaly…


Interactive murder mystery were the public get to play detective.

Client Oriented Assassins | Award Winning Short Film by Matej Stepan

A comedy about two contract killers who assassinate their targets with the utmost client friendly approach.

Hit It


Femme fatale, bombshell, Geraldine Goodwich gets out of jail after serving fourteen years. Only she knows where the thirteen million dollars from a bank job gone bad is stashed. The problem is, everyone else knows she knows. This includes, her two sons, Mr White and Mr Black singers in the band Boytech; Vivacious Vivianne, Geraldine’s jailhouse nemesis who got sprung before she did ; Arnold and Sally, ex-military stooges who work for Vivacious; Kid Crystal and the Artist formally known as Mace, two gun slingers employed by Vivacious; Trixie, Mr. White’s girlfriend and leader of the bank robbing “faux lingerie gang”; and The Preacher, an assassin who works for God. But, Goodwich, former leader of the real lingerie gang, whose motto in life is ‘get rich, but don’t die trying’, has a surprise for all of them.

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