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The Comfortable Tenant

Imagine is you woke up one night to find a wide-eyed, grinning demon staring at you. And imagine if that demon turned out to be exactly what you’d been waiting for.

Tick Tock

Time travel has always fascinated storytellers for its ability to award reason even to wild imaginations that bend the line between truth and fantasy. A young woman chances upon an abandoned watch during her walk in the park one evening. For what looks like an ordinary time keeper, she does not know that the watch can transport her back and forth in time. As she discovers the secret functionality of the watch, the young lady uses its superpower to investigate aspects of her life. With the significant power of travelling to the past and the future in her hands, does she change her destiny and live happily?

Tick Tock is a narrative short film from Director Andreas Tiatto. Andreas picks the idea of ‘time travel’ as the core and weaves the story of a young woman who comes in procession of a device capable of time travel. The way in which the young woman learns about the power processed by the watch is treated in a visually refreshing manner. This leaves the audience as much surprised as the young woman when nothing appears to have changed and yet everything feels different. Andreas builds his story at a leisurely pace, one step at a time. The young woman explores the newfound power in her hand, using it to get to the truth of those around her. Starting her adventure by going back a few minutes in time, she soon progresses to travelling to a specific location for a particular event, intending to alter the consequences of the incident.

The intriguing idea of time travel always comes saddled with the question, ‘is the knowledge of the future a good thing’? Can we alter the imminent if we learn about it today or are we bound to live our life the way fate intends it to be?


In a heavy rain evening, while William having a shower he heard a door slammed roughly.
William went to check what was going on in his apartment he found everything in it place but when he turned off the light the curse starts!

فيلم قصيره كما تدين تدان

🔞فيلم قصير رعب البيت المسكون 

فيلم قصيره كما تدين تدان

الهدف من الفيلم احسان الولدان وسماع الكلام وكما تدين تدان

فكرة محمدمعجزة

MHأخرج استوديو

Beautiful Eyes

An aspiring actress rents the perfect apartment from a creepy landlady and ends up paying more than she bargained for.

The Breakup

A guy gets broken up with and he is unsure of what to do. He questions his motives, and through his love for movies and music finds out the reasons why.

فيلم ( اضحك الدنيا حلوة ) بطولة عبدالله العطار – فيلم عيد الأضحى 2021

تدور أحداث الفيلم عن سعيد المدرس البسيط الذي كان يحلم ان يكون ممثل كوميدي ولاكن لم يحالفه الحظ واشتغل مدرس لغة عربية، علشان يقدر يصرف علي بنته علا اللي في 3 ثانوي شهادة، الفيلم يوصل رسالة عن الكوميديا في مصر من 2012 لحد الان

The Clubless Comic

Los Angeles stand-up comic Miguel Fierro is tired of this pandemic, the lockdowns, the eating, the streaming, the stress, the anxiety–all of it. But most of all, he misses the stage and the highs of bringing a little bit of laughter into the world. With nothing left, Miguel takes us on a journey through LA and into the hearts and smiles of strangers who haven’t felt true joy since COVID kept us apart.

Under The Chimpfluence

A vlogging monkey takes you on a trip to the human zoo.

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