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The Inner Fight (Antardwand)

the story of a mystery couple & a catalyst

In The Flesh

A short film consisted of 3 stories around characters that never had the chance to fit in.
I. Angel: A prostitute comes across a dangerous client.
II. Monster in the Woods: A newborn is left alone in the forest after the suicide of his mother.
III. Harry’s Circumcision: A story based on Lou Reed’s song about a failed suicide attempt.

Virtual Smile

This is a short film based on a true story of an online teacher. It shows different sides and angles of a typical online teacher.

The blue marble

A man walks into a room, seconds later the TV turned on , some of the world disasters are getting viewed in the TV .. After the content in the TV…

One Shot Swachha Bharat by Akram Ishtiyaq

A writer recieves A call for A short film Idea about How to create awareness for cleanliness. 

Mr. Socks

During a cold winter night, a desperate woman misses the last bus and accepts a ride from a weird stranger who calls himself Mr. Socks.


A man that’s wanted for fraud attempts to flee authorities when they come to arrest him.

The Crazy Ajay

Short film Ajay performed major role

Tunupa (2021) – Minimalism Short Film

Tunupa is a short film without dialogue that follows two characters’ overlapping story lines from different centuries. It is filled with constants and symbolism dealing with cycles of cataclysm, the beauty of nature, and the everlasting human experience. (Original audio and video).

The Bezique Game

A short student film replicating the french painting “The Bezique Game”. A group of men in suits play the game of bezique.


An older woman journeys to the beach alone.


In a heavy rain evening, while William having a shower he heard a door slammed roughly.
William went to check what was going on in his apartment he found everything in it place but when he turned off the light the curse starts!

Straight Outta Vagina

Three stories about the violent consequences of patriarchy (Newborn, Caged, Mommy Loves You)

The Rusted

A brother and sister return to their childhood home in order to remodel the space into a recording studio. The house soon turns out not to be as quaint as it seems. Terrifying memories emerge as the siblings spend a night in the house that has destroyed their past.



تدور احداث الفيلم حول مؤمن الذي يجد جني تحقيق امنيات ولكن هناك شخص يريد الانتقام من جني تحقيق الامنيات لذلك سيتورط مؤمن مع هذا الشخص

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