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How do we cope with trauma when we live in a world where anything can happen…


An adventurous day in Wadi Degla Protectorate, Cairo.




A short drama of a middle class housewife and her day to day struggle to keep her routine chores going. Monotony of the
routine gets even more irritating due to lack of luxuries and facilities.

The Exhaust Fan is an attempt to touch the simplicity and bonding
of an Indian housewife with her routine tasks within the available facilities. Despite frustrations she balances her own personal
feelings & feelings & financials of her family,

In Regards to Smoothness

A researcher shows us a world of wonder, inner and outer, as we go for a walk through the woods.

The Door

Tamil Horror Thriller Shortfilm.
This Short Film made in a single Room


A short horror film about the dangers of a resentful mind following a horrific night at an artist mixer and the desire for revenge.

Have we become passive voyeurs of the violence of the world?
Are we able to empathize as if the circumstances were reversed?
How are we poisoned by the context of our own perception?


4 min of meditative journey.

According to the creators Aistė and Skaistė Jauraite, when the world seems to stop spinning and protecting not only ourselves but also others, it is best way to stay home. They invite us to experience 4 minutes of city hustle and silence of nature.
In this turbulent period, they wish everyone would find goodness in their thoughts and relationships with each other.
The creators have provided little text and descriptions, the film is black and white, and the title “no title” gives no answers, so it leaves plenty of room for interpretation by everyone. The film features a remix of the song “Geris” by songwriter and singer Gabriele Vilkickytė and Chris Metric. Gabriele’s enchantingly deep voice and the songwriter’s lyrics give the film a breath of life.

Filmed in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Shadows of Poltergeist

A short experimental film shot with a laptop.

Spiders Web Pilot “Hewlett Packard 17”

The Offical release of Spiders Web Trailer. A modern tale of a Latin/American family. After the man of the house loses his employment to technology. His best friend being his wife’s ex-boyfriend creates the solution. The solution turns out to be the biggest mistake! or not? Produced by Joey Cortinas and Fabian Kussman. Story by and Written by Fabian Kussman. Directed by Joey Cortinas


Everybody is afraid of this ghost. Dont let it kill you.


Piyambak merupakan sebuah renungan dan refleksi diri sutradara tentang bagaimana rasanya menjadi manusia terakhir di dunia, kesendirian, dan masa lalu.

Beberapa orang mengatakan bahwa manusia mati bukan saat nafas sudah tidak berhembus, namun saat nama sudah tidak diucapkan. Itu lah mengapa Albert Einstein, Soekarno, dan Muhammad abadi.

Namun apa jadinya jika ternyata kamu orang terakhir yang ada di dunia? Siapa yang tahu namamu? Siapa yang ingat keberadaanmu? Wajah yang kabur, ingatan yang buram, dan aroma yang samar-samar. Bahkan masa lalu pun melebur menjadi ragu.

critical moment

A short film that sheds light on the issue of suicide in the circles of the Arab and Western world to create community awareness to reduce this phenomenon.

Mary And The Angel

Mary tries to conceive a child by following the instructions of the bible.


Seban is approached by a person who has lost everything. Join Seban in his attempt to do some social work and help this person.

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