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Sabit (Trespassers)

A neat freak homeowner and her equally anxiuos housekeeper deal with some unwanted guests.

an interpretation of melancholy

a visual narrative of the unrelenting and unabated anguish of the heart that has loved, that has lost.

here is an interpretation of melancholy

a short by amateur storyteller Yash Shah

artists: Sage Ashique, Aurthi Rahman

track: the silence of the trail by Redi Hasa & Ludovico Einaudi


A woman finally does her laundry

The Bedsit Tapes

After 12 months of living in a basement flat in a strange city, Mandy decided to up sticks and move away. But before she left, she created ‘The Bedsit Tapes’. Inspired by horror films such as The Blair Witch Project, The Poughkeepsie Tapes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ‘The Bedsit Tapes’ is a darkly comedic reflection on a life lived within 4 very small walls.

Pain: Stories of fibromyalgia

The first episode of a fibromyalgia documentary.


A meeting between two people running from themselves.

Lost – Short Film

A girl wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know where she is.

Pain of Separation

This film is an experimental attempt without any dialogues. The concept of the pain of separation is symbolically expressed by a pair of shoes.

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