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Armageddon Radio: Chapter One

In this post apocalyptic short film series, a survivor of the nuclear holocaust searches for other survivors using a radio broadcast.

During his search for food, water and other humans he encounters something sinister in this chapter.


SWEET REVENGE starring Phillip Pitta (Jim Hanover) and Nicholas M. Garofolo (Luke Briar) is directed by Ron Millkie known for his memorable role as Officer Dorf in the original horror classic Friday the 13th. This thriller is filmed in the style of classic horror films. Jim witnesses a crime committed by Luke. After a prison stay Luke looks for revenge.

Barbie’s Misadventures in Eden

After a long and failed marriage, Barbie wants to get far away from her husband.

The Heartbeat Of SAFARI

‘The Heartbeat Of SAFARI’ is a love letter in unprecedented times from a place of extraordinary beauty, rich wildlands, colorful flowers, cascading waterfalls, dramatic mountain ranges, and spectacular seascapes.


The Right POSITIVE is a short film glancing back on a year of unusual events maxed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many thanks to SSEBO LULE, a Ugandan poet, whose “YAJJA NGA KIDDO” series of poems partly inspired the making of this short film and all the other supporting artists.

Agnic fattis اغنق فطس

Horror moments of boring life


تتحدث القصة عن ذهاب مهدي لمنزل صديقه فيرى مهدي صورة مرعب و يحاول مهدي ان يعرف سر وراء تلك الصورة

Never Alone

Never Alone, a short movie describing the internal struggles that every Orphan or just a lonely human being can afford. including memories, some are good others are not. losing a close person is just like losing control of a car brakes, moving from a comfort area to an unknown future which We are always afraid to face, drives us to unwise decisions. but there is always a way to get away with it.

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