Pain: Stories of fibromyalgia

The first episode of a fibromyalgia documentary.


A meeting between two people running from themselves.

Lost – Short Film

A girl wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know where she is.

Pain of Separation

This film is an experimental attempt without any dialogues. The concept of the pain of separation is symbolically expressed by a pair of shoes.


Jefri and Ariel are roommates who live a life immersed in worldly pleasures, consumerism and an excessive connection to the network that makes them increasingly disconnected.

Insomne (Sleepless)

The wife of a 40 year couple finds it difficult to sleep, because of her husband’s issues with stomach gas. On the fourth night, she decides to confront her husband but finds out that he has been stabbed to death by her, during an episode of hallucination brought about by lack of sleep. Realizing this, she kisses her spouse good night and proceeds to get some rest.



RRA bunch of cowboys going round being badass

Isaiah Nicks: Too Grown!

A mother has a teen son that h


One day A man tries to smoke A Cigarette but throw it back after seeing his own future version. 

One Shot Swachha Bharat by Akram Ishtiyaq

A writer recieves A call for A short film Idea about How to create awareness for cleanliness. 

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